Quick-Fit X Carriage and Quick-Fit Extruders

Quick-Fit X Carriage and Quick-Fit Extruder’s  - 

Even with just two M4 bolts holding on my Greg’s accessible extruder I still find it a pain to swap-out extruders so I decided to re-design the X carriage to allow a quick extruder change and also make it big enough for Dual extrusion and mounting other things -

I’m not yet experienced with OpenSCAD so I used Sketchup for this design, if anyone apart from me finds the idea useful it would be great to do it as a parametric OpenSCAD model, I can already see a need for a LM10UU version.

I’m getting to grips with Sketchup now, you can do quite a lot with it.


It’s up on Thingiverse Now -  if you want to print one.

My aims for this design  -

Horizontal X design compatible spacing with Mendel,  Prusa Mendel and MendelMAX

Use Linear bearings (LM8UU) and make them very easy to fit.

Quick-fit and removal of Extruders (And other devices… more on that shortly)

Maximum space for extruder/hot-ends/heat-sinks between the smooth X bars

Allow dual or more extruder’s to be fitted at once.

Allow for an easy extension of  the X carriage (for future upgrades) – that needs some explanation, see below.

Printable on a Prusa, Huxley or TOM without support material.

This is my design for a ‘Quick-Fit’ clamp and expandable X-carriage -
It’s printed vertically in two parts, without the need for support material – bolted together.
A key feature about the design is that you can extend it, even when it’s fitted on the machine, you would unbolt the two halves and insert a printed spacer each side then bolt back together, allowing triple extruder’s to fit or something bigger…
4 linear bearings LM8UU are used and provide the widest space for extruder’s whilst keeping compatible with Mendel, Prusa, and MendelMax X bar spacing.
I know it looks big, but actually is only uses a little more length and when you have a normal Greg/Wade extruder fitted to any other X-carriage it usually overhangs by almost the same amount.
It uses a small Mendel style Bearing for the Quick-fit latch.
The latch is quite tall in this picture, it’s a little smaller now.
I have updated Greg’s Extruder to be Quick-Fit and defined the spacing for the standard carriage adapter plate to be 100mm wide.
It has an adjustable belt clamp.
This is an example adapter for a normal Wade/Greg extruder to turn it into a Quick-fit version.
Lower profile Catch
This shows a Dual extruder setup on the Quick-Fit adapter – using 2 x NEMA 14 (Huxley style) extruder’s side-by-side.

Here is a Short video showing fitting and removal of the Quick-Fit Extruder on a Quick-Fit X carriage.

Extruder - 

So this is what my Quick-Fit extruder looks like, you can fit and remove it in seconds.
Quick extruder connection is now Via a 9way D-type and 2way for heater.
Similar to how Nophead has done it on Mendel90
My setup is for Dual extruder’s using the RAMPS 1.3/1.4 Electronics.
*EDIT* – this Amazing Gearset is by triffid_hunter 
It’s Thing 10707 Here - I have used 4 different types of Herringbone gears over the last year, and this is the best in my opinion.
I printed this with a normal 0.5mm nozzle, I’m sure it would be even better with a smaller nozzle if you have one.
Herringbone gears have a long history now and there are lots on Thingiverse, do also checkout the Awesome Herringbone Gear set from Rhys and Sublime and I also really like the look of this one  by RevK but that’s one I have not had time to try yet.
I have also switched over to using Greg’s new ‘Guidler’ -
My version (shown above and here on Thingiverse) is slightly modified with a lever, more support for the guides and an M3 nut trap on both sides.

This development was first posted up on my Blogger blog as part of  (MENDELMAX – Quick-fit X and Quick-fit Extruder/s) 20th March 2012


Thanks for reading.



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